If the speech at the ‘Thank You’ function wasn’t enough to grab attention, the actors recent visit to Ramoji Rao have sparked off fresh rumors on possible political entrance of Pawan Kalyan. The rumor mills suggest that the actor would join hands with Telugu Desham Party in the month of December. This has become the hottest topic all over now with lots of excitement and tension at the same time among the fans though these are just fine rumors as of now.

There is excitement because a number of people have time and again expressed their desire about Pawan Kalyan entering into politics. One look at the tweets of Ram Gopal Varma would be enough to give an idea. On the other hand there is tension as well among the fans looking at the fate of Pawan Kalyan’s big brother Megastar Chiranjeevi after entering into politics. With Pawan Kalyan being at his career peak now what with back to back blockbuster successes, fans don’t want the momentum to go with this political turn. Also there is a fear of losing fan base in area where Pawan Kalyan is strong if he gets aligned with a particular party.

With so much happening both on and off screens for the past few days, fans of the actor have been pretty much hyper all over. Will their joy be short lived with this political entry or will it become even stronger after the political entry. Or will this end up as another social-networking gossip? Can Pawan Kalyan do what his brother Chiranjeevi couldn’t that is getting big success politically (if he indeed joins) without losing out on fans? Finally we ask a simple and straight question, will you support Pawan Kalyan if he enters politics?