Jagan Government giving 2 acres of land in Horsley Hills to Yatra 2 director Mahi V Raghav has come under severe criticism. People alleged that it is nothing but Quid-Pro-Quo for making propaganda films.

Mahi V Raghav initially did not respond to these allegations directly. But after Andhrajyothy persisted by publishing one more story on the issue, he issued a Press Statement saying that he sought the land to build a Mini Studio to facilitate shootings in the backward area of Rayalaseema.

“I have shot my films in Madanapalle spending my hard-earned money at my birthplace. If my intention was not to develop and contribute to my region, I would have asked for a place to build a studio in Hyderabad or Vizag. Why would I want to build a studio at Madanapalle, which is considered a backward area,” he says.

He also says he has invested about 25 Crore to shoot his previous projects in the area.

The director also says the land costs only 2 Crore and not 25 Crore as alleged.

Mahi V Raghav claims to make propaganda films and seek land from the government for studios for the sake of the greater good of society. But then, people are wise enough to see into the motives.

Since he already claims to have invested 25 Crore for shootings, he better prove his intentions by buying the land at market price instead of seeking the Government’s help.