Yevadu eying New Year for fresh promotionsWhat’s up with the team of Yevadu? What are they thinking and why are they not promoting the film is the questions in everyone’s mind, not just the fans, whoever are following the movies closely. As we all know the film has been postponed from its initial August release and now finally releasing for Sankranthi 2014, which means the film has been delayed by almost five months and five months is a massive delay for it to be still seen as an exciting film for the audience. So people were expecting that the makers would start new set of promotions as the film is getting close to release but again they have been disappointed.

However, this is what is being heard in the industry. The makers are apparently looking at the New Year to start fresh promotions. First a new dialogue teaser would be released which would be followed by another new trailer containing some new footage that hasn’t been seen till now. Post these new trailers, the actors from the film will be seen doing the promotional rounds to recreate the buzz on the film as it was during its announced release date in August. Yevadu is very crucial film for Ram Charan as it comes in the wake of All Time Disaster Zanjeer.