Not Pan-India, Major Is An All-India Film: Adivi SeshAdivi Sesh’s Pan-India film, Major is releasing on June 3rd. The team is screening Paid premieres across various cities of the country and is getting rave reviews.

“When the photos of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan came out after the 26/11 incident, my cousin Pavan told me that I look similar to him. When Ashok Chakra came to him, I read about him and became a fan of him. Everyone knows what he did for 36 hours in the hotel but no one knows what his life was like for 31 years. I decided to tell about it,” Sesh said about when the idea came to him.

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“Major Sandeep’s story is an All India man’s story. The movie will make me reach that level. It is not a Pan-India film, this is an All-India movie. He went to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kashmir. That is why this film has to be taken to all areas,” the actor says.

Sesh also reveals the applause he is getting from the premieres in other cities. He said, “It is quite common for people to say the movie is good after watching the premieres. But they are talking at length and emotionally to me. They are congratulating me for making the film. I can already sense the movie is a success”.

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The actor says he can not forget Mahesh Babu’s reaction after watching the movie. “Mahesh Babu said there was a lump in his throat. He was so moved. His eyes were moist and gave me a tight hug,” the actor revealed remembering the memories of that day.