Former CM of AP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy used to pride himself on saying he is a simple CM. YCP extensively propagated that Jagan doesn’t even take any salary as the CM and that’s how sincere he is. But beyond this outer layer, there appears to be an elaborate scheme of things.

Going by the Government Orders that were allocated in the first five months after Jagan came to power in 2019, nearly Rs 16 crores were spent on special arrangements at his house in Tadepalli.

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Reportedly, Rs 5 crore was spent on laying a new road to the CM’s house and another 1.8 crore on the security arrangements. A whopping Rs 80 lakh was spent on electrical maintenance staff while another 3.6 crore was spent on electrical and electronic equipment.

The arrangement for Praja Darbar took another 82 lakh while miscellaneous arrangements amounted another Rs 22 lakh. Shockingly, Rs 73 lakh was spent on aluminum doors and windows at the former CM’s house. A view cutter cost a whopping Rs 3.25 crore, it seems.

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