Balineni Srinivasa Reddy

The party leaders in Prakasam district are making all-out efforts to protect the ranks of the YSRCP members who hold positions in key corporations and municipalities. Remarkably, some YSRCP leaders are working with hopes of persuading the chairmen and corporators to join the ruling TDP.

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In the joint Prakasam district, governing councils exist in the Ongole Corporation, Markapuram, Kandukur, Chirala municipalities, Addanki, Cheemakurti, Darshi, Kanigiri, and Giddalur major panchayats. Except for Darshi, all are controlled by the YSRCP.

However, in all these cities and towns, people supported the TDP alliance. TDP candidates gained significant advantages everywhere in the assembly elections. Some YSRCP councilors and corporators, sensing this shift, joined the TDP before the polling. After the results, the remaining members prepared to leave the party as the YSRCP faced defeat.

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It is known that most of the corporators met in Ongole with Mayor Sujatha of the YSRCP to discuss the latest situation. The mayor sent information to meet MLA Janardhan. In this context, Balineni met with the mayor and corporators in Hyderabad on Tuesday afternoon. Currently, there are 38 corporators in the party, including the mayor, and about 27 attended the meeting.

It is also reported that the mayor had a special conversation with Balineni, who arrived in Hyderabad earlier than the others. During the meeting on Tuesday afternoon, it was noted that there was a prolonged silence.

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It is reported that some members are ready to join the TDP, urging Balineni to hurry and wait for the right moment. It is reported that Balineni will come to Ongole in two or three days. It is known that Balineni suggested observing the government’s trend.

Meanwhile, many are reportedly ready to jump to the TDP if MLA Damacharla, who has a special focus on the corporation, gives the green signal for the corporators to join the party.