Right after the Lok Sabha elections concluded, there was huge speculation that the BJP was ready to take over as the main opposition party in Telangana by replacing the most powerful party, BRS, led by KCR.

However, KCR put up a brave face, stating that the BJP would not even get deposits, and Congress would be limited to 2-3 seats. He asserted that the people of Telangana had realized their mistake and that the BRS would sweep the elections.

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But, looking at the Lok Sabha exit polls for Telangana, it must give sleepless nights not just to KCR and KTR but to anyone associated with the BRS.

Literally, no one gave BRS even 2 seats; every single exit poll predicted 0-1 seats, which is a nightmare scenario for a party that looked so powerful until a few months ago.

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The trouble doesn’t stop here. The BJP is projected to win more seats than Congress, which recently formed the government, marking it as a giant killer.

If these exit polls come true on counting day, and if the BRS wins 1 seat or 0, it will pretty much signal the end of the regional party in the state, as two powerful national parties will do everything to erase KCR and his party from the political scene after this public mandate.

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Also, considering the way BJP leadership has taken over parties and grabbed power in other states, it will be unstoppable in Telangana with this kind of mandate.

All we can say now is, BJP in Telangana is Flower Nahi Fire Hai!