BRS GHMC Elections

The ruling Congress party is trying to expand its base in the state’s capital Hyderabad region. In the last assembly elections, Congress managed to win only three out of 29 MLA seats in the GHMC area. However, it is aiming to sweep the entire Greater region in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

With the ambition of winning all four Lok Sabha seats of the Greater Hyderabad area, the Congress is now inviting local leaders from the BRS party. Former Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan joined the party a couple of months ago. He was followed by the current Deputy Mayor Mothe Srilatha.

Yesterday, current Mayor Vijaya Lakshmi Gadwal also joined the Congress party and made BRS weaker in the Greater region ahead of the elections. All of a sudden, Congress became stronger in Hyderabad with the joining of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

In the 2020 GHMC elections, Congress won only two seats. Now, after winning the assembly elections, eight more corporators joined the party and made the total count to 10. Another 15 corporators are expected to join in the coming days.

It is heard that Revanth Reddy is planning to invite 10 more MLAs from the GHMC region so that corporators of those MLAs’ constituencies will also join Congress.

In this way, Congress is slowly increasing its base in Hyderabad whereas, BRS, which used to be a superpower in the city, is losing steam rapidly.