KT Rama Rao, the working president of BRS, predicts that neither the BJP-led NDA nor the Congress will secure a clear majority in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

He emphasizes the importance of parties like BRS in forming the government at the Centre and urges people in Telangana to support BRS candidates.

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KTR believes that the NDA won’t exceed 200 seats, and the Congress won’t surpass 150.

He asserted that BRS will win 10 to 12 seats, they will have a significant say in the central government. KTR also claimed that within a year KCR will again rule the state politics.

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Last night KCR, during an interview with TV9 Rajnikanth, also claimed that their party is going to win 10-12 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

However, pre-election surveys suggest that it would be miraculous if BRS wins more than two seats. The Congress is expected to sweep 7-9 seats, whereas the BJP is anticipated to win 5-6 seats out of the total 17 seats.

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But both father-son duo believe that they are going to win more than 10 seats. They believe the Congress government will become redundant in another six months and they will be in power. What is giving them such unwavering confidence remains a suspense.

KCR also predicts that YSRCP will form the government once again in the upcoming assembly elections in AP.

However, winning more than 10 Lok Sabha seats and YS Jagan assuming the CM role once again seem like ambitious predictions by KCR and his party, which appear impractical in the current scenario.