TDP Party

Since the days of YSR, there have been always attempts to smear the murk of caste on the Telugu Desam Party. After losing the 2014 elections, Jagan thought portraying TDP as a Casteist party was the only way to distance it from the people.

With the help of modern warfare like Political Strategists, Social Media Propaganda, and Media Management, Jagan has been successful to some extent. He was also helped by Janasena supporters (before the alliance) due to the cinema rivalry with TDP.

But then, the TDP cadre has once again proved that it is a perfect political material bothered only about winning elections and is beyond the caste calculations.

The Seat-sharing in the alliance has become a problem for the TDP cadre. They are particularly unhappy with the seats given to the BJP even though the party has no strength in Andhra Pradesh.

If we consider social media, we can clearly see that the TDP cadre is upset and is fighting for three seats – Araku, Anaparthy, and Narasapuram Parliament.

None of the three seats have Kamma aspirants.

Araku is an ST reserved seat, and the TDP cadre demands that the seat be given to Dannu Dora, who worked hard for the last three years.

Anaparthy has Nallamilli Ramakrishna Reddy who faced a lot of harassment from the Jagan Government in the last five years. TDP cadre is striving hard to somehow convince Chandrababu to take back the seat from BJP.

And in Narasapuram, we have Raghu Rama Krishna Raju from the Kshatriya community. RRR is receiving massive love from the TDP cadre for his relentless fight over Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Quite a few Kamma leaders like Devineni Uma, Paritala Sriram, Alapati Raja, and others did not get the seat this time. The cadre sympathizes with them but is fighting most for these non-Kamma leaders indicating how politics is devoid of caste and is only about winning for them.