Vallabhaneni Vamsi

The police officer who took charge as the new DSP in Gannavaram has reopened the case of the earlier attack on the Gannavaram TDP office. At that time, former TDP MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi was alleged to have planned the attack on the TDP office. The TDP cadre were arrested by the then police in that case. TDP spokesperson Pattabhiram was arrested and reportedly subjected to third-degree interrogation.

Governments have changed now, and the police have also changed. The police have reopened the case. Fifteen people were arrested after reviewing the new DSP’s CCTV footage and media videos.

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Vamsi’s driver is also among those arrested. 15 of Vamsi’s followers were arrested and they were produced before the magistrate. As per the sources, Police also filed the case on Vamsi in same case.

Evidence from the media shows that not only was the attack completely executed, but Vamsi was also near the TDP office at that time.

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The SIT is investigating the case of the attack on the TDP headquarters, and the DSP has taken up the case of the attack on the Gannavaram office as well. Now, the DSP is preparing to assert its authority. Despite all this happening, it is not clear where Vallabhaneni Vamsi is. No one knows whether he is in the country, in the state, or in Vijayawada.