Center Revokes Permit To Sakshi TV?Chief Minister Jagan’s own TV channel ‘Sakshi’ was given a shock by the Information and Broadcasting Department. The permit issued to Sakshi was revoked and the channel was removed it from the list of allowed channels in the country. The directives were issued by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on the 20th of last month.

This is because the Central Home Department did not give ‘security clearance’ to Sakshi. In view of the internal security of the country, the Central Home Department grants ‘Security Clearance’ to the channels only subject to certain criteria.

Only with this clearance, Information and Broadcasting ministry allows a channel. It is not clear why Security clearance is not given to Sakshi and if that got something to do with various cases of Jagan and Sakshi being a part of such cases.

Sakshi is a part of many CBI and ED cases pending on Jagan. Sakshi TV employees have approached Telangana High Court saying that closing the channel would damage the livelihood of hundreds. The High Court has given a temporary respite. The next hearing of the case will come up on March 11th.