Politics is a cruel game. Karma is the biggest leveler here. Those in power often think they are omnipotent and display arrogance.

Two leaders who took the same path – KCR and Jagan Mohan Reddy met with a terrible fate and are staring at a blank future.

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When TRS came to power for the first time in Telangana, KCR was after Chandrababu’s back and pushed the Telugu Desam Party into oblivion.

He did not even give it a thought that TDP was the party that gave him political birth.

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Drunk on power, we have seen KCR calling Chandrababu Naidu as the Dirtiest Politician. Chandrababu is someone who was KCR’s Political Guru but he did not show any respect.

Cut to now, the fortunes have changed. KCR was rejected in Telangana and just drew a blank in the Parliament elections.

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It will be next to impossible to keep the party floating until the next elections.

Revanth Reddy and the BJP will be baying his blood very soon.

And then, there is Chandrababu who met with a terrible defeat in 2019.

He is today one of the most powerful men in the country as his Sixteen MPs are very crucial for the forming of the NDA Government at the Center. He is the Kingmaker the entire country is looking at.

Back home, Chandrababu got to power with TDP+ winning 164 out of the 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

In just a matter of time, the fates have changed.

While Chandrababu has become the Kingmaker in Delhi, KCR is left with a confused look at the Political Cross Roads not knowing where to go and how to go.