Nara-Lokesh-YSRCP-TargetLokesh is a Pappu and laughing stock for YSR Congress until their propaganda worked and until the Chandrababu Naidu’s scion ignored it. But ever since the Padayatra started, everything has changed.

Jagan behaved as if Lokesh never existed while running a vicious campaign behind the scenes. YSR Congress ecosystem was busy churning out vulgar morphings on Lokesh insulting him and his character.

But ever since the Padayatra started, Lokesh is not giving them a chance to continue the campaign. He is unleashing the real Lokesh and his capabilities so that there is no room for a negative campaign.

YSR Congress supporters suddenly become sages now and take language classes saying Lokesh is using inappropriate language. But how can people forget Kodali Nani and Co?

Day in and day out Blue Media is busy churning out stories trying to give a double meaning to Lokesh’s speeches ignoring its content. They are pushing imaginary stories saying how Lokesh calls young leaders ‘era’, ‘orai’, etc.

Earlier, Lokesh’s campaign is confined to YSR Congress social media and I-PAC teams while Blue media and YSR Congress leaders used to be after Chandrababu Naidu.

But it has changed completely now. Lokesh is a target for everyone.

Only Jagan is resisting the temptation but it looks like he will also enter the fray sooner or later.

Keeping aside everything, YSR Congress already acknowledged Lokesh’s rise targeting him even more than Chandrababu.