Chandrababu Naidu's First Response On YSRCP's Stone Attack Allegation!

Chandrababu Naidu is campaigning in Gajuwaka and has responded for the first time to YSR Congress Leaders’ allegations that the former Chief Minister is behind the stone attack on Jagan Mohan Reddy in Vijayawada the other day.

“YSRCP Rowdies previously attacked me with stones and sticks. The then DGP said there is dissent over Chandrababu Naidu and in Democracy, everyone has a right to protest. An MLA (Jogi Ramesh) tried to attack my house with stones and sticks. When our people tried to stop them, cases were filed against us saying that he came to my appointment. These rowdies tried to attack me wherever I go, but I only said even claymore mines could not scare me,” Chandrababu said.

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He termed yesterday’s incident as a complete security failure.

“There are so many policemen around. Why did the power go off suddenly? Whose Government is in the state? Whose failure is this? Am I the Chief Minister? Whose responsibility is this? You are the Chief Minister. Do you have no shame when you are attacked in your own government? Last time, you did the Kodi Kathi drama. You killed Babai with an axe and blame me. Your sister is asking why you gave a ticket to Babai’s murderer. Answer her first. Your sister is alleging that YSR Congress is drenched in blood. You are incompetent and can not answer her and you are trying to blame me for no reason,” Chandrababu added.

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Meanwhile, a miscreant tried to hurl a stone at Chandrababu from behind the vehicle. But the stone missed the target. Police are in search for the miscreant.

In Tenali, another person tried similarly on Pawan Kalyan but got caught by the Janasena cadre who handed him over to the police.

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