PV-Ramesh-IASIt is established that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has been sent to remand in AP skill development case. Now, there is an interesting twist in the tale as former AP finance correspondent PV Ramesh has come out and spoken against the nature of CBN’s arrest.

“I am doubting foul play in CID’s arrest of Chandrababu garu. The fact that they are spreading a narrative that I have turned approver in the case and the whole case is based on my inputs is laughable. A chief minister looks after hundreds of aspects of administration. I don’t understand how he can be held responsible for a case in one particular scheme” Ramesh said.

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Ramesh added that the finance board did nothing wrong with the Skill Development program and added that the CID is operating in a sketchy manner.

“The Managing Director and the chief correspondent are the ones who will be responsible for the fiscal transactions, and not the CM himself. I don’t find the names of other responsible individuals in the case file. A chief minister cant be arrested over possible frauds that could be done by a concerned employee or governing officer” Ramesh added.

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While there’s already a widespread opinion that CBN’s arrest has been carried out under questionable circumstances, Ramesh’s latest statement adds fuel to the fire.