YS Jagan YS CongressCBI has so far arrested six YSR Congress supporters in the case of abuse of judiciary on social media. They have been in jail for around two months now. The CBI court previously rejected bail for them and they have approached the Telangana High Court.

But only to get rejected. “The accused in this case were not arrested even though the case got filed one year ago. That indicates the petitioners were so powerful. They are likely to influence the investigation if they are out. It looks like there are big people involved in this conspiracy,” the court opined.

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The accused arrested so far and those yet to be arrested are very much worried about how the case is progressing. YSR Congress supporters who are not in the case previously were relaxed feeling that the ruling government will save them in case they get into the cases.

But then, it looks like that is not happening. Just two and a half years to the elections, this is very serious and if they do not get bail, we will see the party supporters on social media going into the shell. If the party becomes weak on social media ahead of the elections, that will be a massive blow.

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