Prashant Kishor Warns

Prashant Kishor had an undeniably prominent role to play in YCP’s raise to power in 2019. But this merry run with Jagan didn’t last long as PK has now become a nemesis for Jagan.

Prashant has been predicting the downfall of the Jagan government and he mentioned that Jagan would certainly lose power by a huge margin.

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PK has now delivered an indirect warning of sorts for YCP cadres.

“Drinking water is good as it keeps both mind and body hydrated. Those who are RATTLED with my assessment of outcome of this election must keep plenty of water handy on June 4th. PS: Remember, 02nd May, 2021 and #West Bengal!!” Prashant wrote.

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This could be a retort to YCP recently bombarding the social space with a file interview of PK where his projections on other states elections went wrong. This was an attempt to divert the attention from PK predicting YCP’s downfall.

But PK reminding that his projection on 2021 West Bengal verdict going against all odds could be a shot to YCP for saying his old projections went wrong.

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PK is overwhelmingly clear about YCP losing power in the election and he is making it undeniably clear.