Lottery For News Channels

As the Lok Sabha elections’ vote counting day draws near, excitement builds nationwide as people get ready to watch the results on TV.

This day is super important for news channels because it affects how many people watch them and how much money they make from ads.

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Advertisers see it as a great chance to get their brands seen by a big audience that’s really interested in politics.

Looking back at the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, we can see just how big vote counting day is for news channels.

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On May 23, 2019, people spent a total of 59 billion minutes watching the news on TV, making up 38% of the day’s viewership.

In South India, news watching shot up by 416%, and English channels saw a massive 449% increase.

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It’s expected that this surge will be even bigger in 2024.

Vote counting day is a key moment for news channels, often leading to a big increase in the money they make. Advertisers know that this is a great time to get their brands seen by lots of people who trust the news.

Major networks like NDTV predict a revenue increase of over 30% in early 2024, thanks to higher ad rates on important days like polling, exit polls, vote counting, and when the government forms.

During elections, there’s fierce competition among brands to get their ads shown, especially on vote-counting day. This competition drives up ad rates significantly. Advertisers might pay up to three to five times more than usual to get their ads on air.

With advertisers eager to reach a big and engaged audience, news networks are ready to make the most of it through smart planning, digital strategies, and sponsorship deals.