TDP YSRCP Public Meetings

YSR Congress supporters are resorting to all tricks of the trade to belittle the historical mandate by the people. Jagan alleged a conspiracy in the defeat and just stopped mentioning the EVM tampering.

But YSR Congress Social Media teams are doing them.

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A fake screenshot from the ECI website showing YSR Congress’s Vote Share is 2% more than TDP’s is doing rounds on social media.

They are claiming that it is impossible that TDP can get so many seats with less Vote Share.

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The facts are different.

According to the actual figures with the ECI, TDP has got 45.60% vote share while YSR Congress is only confined to 39.37%.

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One more thing to remember is that TDP contested only in 144 seats while YSR Congress’s Vote Share is from 175 seats.

Jagan should have been graceful in the defeat. It is so irresponsible to blame EVMs or allege conspiracies. This is nothing but demeaning the verdict of the people.

Meanwhile, it will be very difficult for YSR Congress to make a comeback from here.

YSR Congress just bagged 11 Assembly seats in the house of 175 seats. He could not even manage the Opposition Status in the Assembly.

The road ahead will be extremely difficult for Jagan Mohan Reddy. In Telangana, KCR’s party managed to win 39 out of the 119 seats and is still struggling. The party drew a blank in the Parliament elections.

It will be even worse for Jagan with Eleven seats.