Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan have been very vocal about the dangers of the Land Titling Act. They are helping people understand how this Act can become Jagan’s Land Grabbing Act and can be used to rob the people’s lands.

Under this Act, Civil Courts can not deal with land litigations. There is an officer appointed by the Government is the deciding officer. If someone in the ruling party creates a litigation the officer naturally will tilt to that side.

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The affected can go to the High Court but not everyone can afford the legal costs of fighting a case in the High Courts.

So, there are doubts over this Act.

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Chandrababu announced that he would sign to revoke this Act as soon as he came to power.

YSR Congress is arguing that it is an Act by the Central Government and the state will have no powers to revoke it.

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They even activated their moles in the BJP like Raghunandan Babu to say the same.

But it is not true. Land Titling Act is not a Central Government Act.

Land is a State Subject. The Central Government can not make Acts on State Subjects.

The fact is Land Titling Act has been recommended by the NITI Aayog. It is not an act passed in the Parliament.

NITI Aayog recommendations do not have statutory backing. They can be reversed or not implemented by the Governments.

Only the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government enthusiastically started implementing the Land Titling Act while even the BJP-ruled states were skeptical about it.

Chandrababu can very much revoke the Land Titling Act if he comes to power.