Fake WhatsApp ScreenshotsTemperatures in Andhra Pradesh Politics have risen all of a sudden. The heat is being felt on social media. Hashtags supporting Chandrababu Naidu have been trending on Twitter for the last three days.

YSR Congress social media teams made a decent attempt to counter in the first two days but gave up later. But there is a malicious campaign run on TDP using Whatsapp. Blue Media and I-PAC are hand in glove in this campaign.

Fake WhatsApp screenshots are being circulated demeaning the public support of TDP.

The very next day after Chandrababu’s arrest, NRIs in Dallas, United States organized a Protest. A Casteist Rabid Digital Media supporting YSR Congress circulated a WhatsApp screenshot saying that the crowd is mobilized by offering Free Chicken and Biryani.

And on Wednesday, IT Professionals of Hyderabad did two protests – one at Wipro Circle and the other at KPHB. Both of them are big successes with huge crowds. I-PAC Teams have entered the fray once again saying that the crowd has come for Free Swiggy Coupons.

There are numerous Websites available on the Internet to create any such fake WhatsApp Screenshots.

The job of I-PAC and Blue Media is completed by planting the Fake Screenshots. Mega fans circulated them on social media due to the obvious caste and film rivalry. Most of these people are Janasena Supporters. They chose to fall into the I-PAC trap or preferred their caste/film rivalry over Pawan Kalyan’s line.

Even though YSR Congress social media teams are involved, the majority of work is done by Film fans.

That made the job of I-PAC, YSR Congress, and Blue Media very easy. TDP after working so hard to support its leader faltered in this issue and could not come up with a counter strategy.