Nadendla-Manohar-Alapati-Rajendra-Prasad-TenaliSeat-sharing talks between TDP and Janasena are going on behind the scenes. All eyes are on the number of seats Janasena will contest and from where. These seats are very important as TDP and Janasena’s interests overlap in many constituencies.

The first such tussle will be in Tenali. Both TDP and Janasena have their senior leaders – Nadendla Manohar and Alapati Raja interested in this seat.

Earlier this week, Manohar announced that he will be contesting from Tenali and is keen on realizing his dream of making Tenali as a model constituency.

The other day, Alapati Raja also announced that he will be in the fray from Tenali. “Some people (YSR Congress MLA Annabathuni Siva Kumar) are feeling happy I will not be contesting. But their happiness will be short-lived. I will contest from Tenali,” he announced.

With both of them interested, it is up to Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan to take a call.

It is obvious that one of them will have to sacrifice and it has to be seen who is that.

Survey reports favor Raja and also indicate Nadendla has had a disconnect with the constituency ever since 2014.

Chandrababu should convince Pawan Kalyan to avoid a seat for Nadendla by assuring him a cabinet berth if the alliance wins.