BRS BJP Telangana Growth Story

Facing defeat in the assembly elections, BRS is gearing up for another challenge. The party is set to engage in a tough battle with the victorious Congress and the growing BJP, which has increased its vote percentage.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections and subsequent local body elections pose a significant challenge for the party.

Political experts are analyzing that if the BJP continues to strengthen its position, maintaining dominance until the 2028 assembly elections could be a challenge for the pink party.

Fielding candidates in a maximum of 111 seats in the assembly elections, the BJP increased its vote percentage to 13.9% and secured eight seats.

The sudden departure of Bandi Sanjay, who infused the cadre with enthusiasm and led the party like a wave, just before the election, added a layer of complexity.

Even though the leadership of the state party was handed over to Kishan Reddy, the party secured significant votes in 58 constituencies, ranging from 20,000 to over one lakh votes (10 to 54).

The election results indicate that BRS may face difficulties in the future unless it effectively responds to the pressure.

The impact of the BJP’s surge was not only felt by BRS but also affected Congress in many places during this election.

In Greater Hyderabad, there are approximately 28 seats, and BJP successfully prevented Congress from winning any of them.

Engaging in a tough competition in over 50 constituencies in the three-way battle, BJP showcased its influence. Tough times ahead for KCR and KTR!