YS Jagan Mohan Reddy bagged a colossal defeat with outright rejection.

From 151 to eleven seats, this defeat is just indigestible for Jagan and the humiliation will kill him from inside.

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For the first time after 2019, Jagan addressed the Press (even though the hand-picked ones) after the electoral defeat.

He just stopped from getting burst in the press meet. His voice clearly indicates he is about to burst. Luckily, he spared YSR Congress supporters from that humiliation.

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One can clearly see his eyes are swollen and red. It is clear that he may have cried inconsolably before coming to the Press meeting.

There is a discussion in the political circles about how many hours he may have cried or if he stopped crying even now.

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In the last three years, YSR Congress supporters used to mock Chandrababu with that video of the latter crying due to indecent comments about his wife.

But Karma served them right back in a similar fashion.

Meanwhile, Jagan may have to attend court every Friday. He has been avoiding court ever since becoming the Chief Minister by filing an Absent Petition citing the busy schedule of the Chief Minister.

But he can no longer come up with that excuse. Tomorrow is Friday and the court may instruct him to attend every hearing.

We have to see if Jagan can muster the courage to attend the Assembly with this paltry number of MLAs in the house.