YSR-NTRJunior NTR had opened a new debate on social media by intentionally or unintentionally equating NT Ramarao and YSR. He is at the center of the storm right now for that.

That brings us to the debate if YSR and NT Ramarao are really the same.

When YSR was alive, there was no such discussion or glorification anywhere.

If YS is alive today, we would have seen him as the Accused No 1 in all the disproportionate assets cases on Jagan.

His son, Jagan would have been in second place. He may have to face jail for a short period just like how Jagan did.

But then, since he is not alive, he is not on the list of accused.

Jagan used the sentiment of his untimely demise for his political benefit and made YSR a popular leader. Since the dead do not receive much resistance, the propaganda has become easy.

The welfare schemes during YSR’s tenure were used to help the political propaganda and glorify YSR as a Mahanetha.

In complete contrast, NT Ramarao did not even have a single corruption allegation in his entire life. His sons and daughters did not even get to enter the secretariat when he was in power. Any comparison between NTR and YSR is outright silly.