YS Sunitha

For a while now, the much talked about murder case of YS Vivekananda Reddy has been making the headlines again through YS Sharmila and Sunitha.

Now, Sunitha has posed a few straight questions to Jagan and Bharathi in the context of the Viveka murder.

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When asked if Jagan and Sharmila must be questioned with regard to the Viveka murder case, Sunitha replied “there’s nothing new for me to say. You were presented by the CBI-investigated facts. We want those who were named in the case to face the legal consequences.”

“Recently I heard Bharathi say Vivek’s murder is being used for politics and should be seen as a sign of weakness of the opposition for not being able to face YCP serious. Does Bharathi know that it is her father in law who is murdered? More relevantly for me, it is my father who is murdered.”

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Sunitha remarked that is is strange to see Bharathi draw political equations when asked about Viveka’s murder. She is evidently in favor of pulling up Jagan and Bharathi for the CBI investigation of that is what the investigation needs.