Jagan Most Cunning Politician In Telugu Politics?

YSR Congress between 2014-19 is the most dangerous opposition in the history of Andhra Pradesh. We have seen how the party ran malicious propaganda on the then Government to poison the minds of the public.

With the help of I-PAC, they brainwashed people so much that even the people of Krishna and Guntur districts the immediate beneficiaries of Amaravati voted against Chandrababu despite knowing that Jagan hates the capital to the core.

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We have seen what happened later.

Keeping that aside, here is a sample of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s wicked politics.

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Special Status is the most important issue between 2014 and 2019.

We have seen all the dramas of the YSR Congress in the name of Special Status including resignations just before the elections avoiding By-elections.

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It was Naidu who fought for Special Status and pulled out of the NDA fighting for it. Later, the BJP at the Center even played a crucial part in defeating the TDP.

After coming to power in 2019, on his first visit to Delhi, Jagan pushed the Special Status issue into Cold Storage. In the last five years, we did not see him talking about the Special Status even for once.

Now immediately after coming to power, we have seen Jagan and YSR Congress leaders demanding Chandrababu to fight for the Special Status.

And then, there is the Steel Plant issue. The issue of Privatizing the Vishaka Steel Plant started during Jagan’s tenure.

Except for writing a couple of letters as a formality, Jagan did nothing to stop the Privatization.

In fact, former CS LV Subrahmaniam in an interview revealed Jagan wanted to ship the Steel Plant so that the steel plant lands can be used for Executive Capital purposes.

Now, Jagan is trying to peddle Fake News about the Steel Plant using his Pet Media like the Deccan Chronicle.

It is clear that Jagan is trying to use the same issues that he ignored when he was the CM against Chandrababu Naidu.

“Jagan Mohan Reddy is easily the most cunning politician in Telugu Politics. It is clear from this double-faced politics. People saw through this dirty game and defeated him. They will never fall prey to this cunning game once again,” TDP leaders are saying.