Dr-NTR-University-of-Health-Sciences-YS-JaganAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy spoke in detail on the bill changing NTR Health University to YSR Health University. TDP supporters call this speech as most wicked speech ever by indirectly insulting NTR and praising his father.

“I have utmost respect For NT Ramarao. I never criticized NTR to date and even named Krishna district after him. NT Ramarao gifted her daughter to Chandrababu and the latter backstabbed him. NT Ramarao got an untimely death after that,” Jagan said.

“I would never insult NT Ramarao,” Jagan added. It is fine to that extent and what Jagan spoke later indicated that Jagan’s respect for NT Ramarao is just lip service.

“Since 1983, TDP did not bring a single medical college to Andhra Pradesh. Three medical colleges have come into YSR’s regime. I am constructing 17 medical colleges now. That means twenty medical colleges of AP are in my name and my father’s name. So, it is completely justified to give credit to YSR,” Jagan told the house.

While Jagan repeatedly mentioned he respects NTR, it is clear that he tried to demean NT Ramarao by saying that he did nothing for the health sector of Andhra Pradesh. Jagan did not even acknowledge that NTR University is the brainchild of NTR and the first of its kind in the country.

Keeping that aside, if there are three medical colleges that have come in the YSRs regime and seventeen are under construction as Jagan claims, he would have easily named all of them after YSR. Except for insulting NTR or erasing his memories, there is no reason for changing the name of NTR University.

Just because the opposition is suspended from the house and there is no one in the house to counter, Jagan speaks anything and gets away.