Elections, defeat, or even the fear of defeat reveal true colors. Until recently, followers of YS Jagan staunchly argued that he has developed the state like no other Chief Minister, bringing in numerous companies and creating jobs.

However, once the voting ended, several TV channels hosted debates analyzing which segments voted for which party.

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Media reports suggest that predominantly government employees, educated individuals, the middle class, the upper middle class, and urban voters outright rejected YSRCP.

Now, a glance at social media shows Jagan supporters acknowledging this, yet they argue their leader will still win because of the rural vote and support from the poor.

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Setting aside whether Jagan will win, aren’t they indirectly admitting that no educated person supports Jagan’s rule? Does this also imply that Jagan spent five years merely pressing buttons to get votes from the poor?

Aren’t they essentially admitting that Jagan has failed miserably to create any infrastructure for a state that lost its capital in the name of taking revenge on Chandrababu Naidu?

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Weren’t they slapping their thighs, boasting about winning 175 out of 175 seats, including their leader Jagan, and shouting, “Why not Kuppam?” until yesterday?

Regardless, their tone has completely changed since yesterday evening, but for now, they are hoping that all the women who stood in lines late into the night were there for Jagan. We will find out the results on June 4th.