There is a stark change in the behavior of Blue Media for the last week. They are creating a room for themselves in case Jagan Mohan Reddy does not win.

They have been churning stories about how Jagan committed many mistakes. They will obviously use these stories to reason if YSR Congress loses.

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If he wins, they will go into their regular Jagan Stotram Mode.

There is one story they cooked saying people wants Jagan to win but MLAs to lose and that may go against YSR Congress.

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This is a ploy to throw all the blame on MLAs if YSR Congress wins but the reality is different.

This election is solely centered on Jagan. It is like people wants Jagan to win or lose.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy is completely into bringing loans and scattering money in the name of freebies.

There is no focus on bringing investments, creating jobs, bettering infra, improving people’s lifestyle, etc.

There is a complete Policy Paralysis in Andhra Pradesh. The state with the second longest coastline in the country suffered Sand Shortage which crippled the construction segment. Poor quality liquor at highest costs in the country killed people.

People are grabbed of their means of livelihood but were pacified in the name of Button Nokkudu.

This election is all about if people are okay about getting alms while deprived of everything.

There is anti-incumbency against the MLAs too but that is also manufactured by Jagan.

MLAs are made dummy in the last five years. They do not have funds to spend in the constituencies. The power is rested with the Volunteers.

Yes, some MLAs made things worse for themselves by resorting to Sand and Mining Mafia.

Jagan at least did damage control in the name of freebies but MLAs do not have that.

If YSR Congress were to lose, it is a combination of anti-incumbency on Jagan and the MLAs as well. But the fact is that the anti-incumbency on MLAs is also because of Jagan.