KTR's Coronation DelayedTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao clarified the rumors about the change in guard. Addressing the party leaders, Rao said he is hale and healthy and will be the Chief Minister of Telangana for ten more years.

He even warned the party leaders not to talk about it going forward. That indicates that KTR’s Coronation is not happening any sooner. Political experts say that KCR’s decision is the best thing that can happen to TRS and KTR’s political future at this point.

“Like never before, TRS is facing anti-incumbency. BJP shocked TRS in Dubbaka and GHMC. There is a sense of indiscipline in the party leaders as well. If there is a change in the Chief Minister at this point, there is a chance of dissent,” Experts opine.

“The remaining three years will not be a cakewalk for KCR. It is too much to expect from KTR. If KTR is coronated and if TRS loses the next election, he will be branded as a failure which may not be good to his political career. At this moment, KCR and KTR are doing what they can do for TRS and the government. It is best to carry on this way until this crisis is averted,” they add.