Minister Malla Reddy

The Animal team hosted its crucial pre-release event in Hyderabad, with Mahesh and Rajamouli adding to the local buzz.

While everyone welcomed the Bollywood team warmly, BRS leader Chamakura Malla Reddy embarrassed Ranbir Kapoor on the grand stage.

In his usual loud style Malla Reddy said, “Listen Mr. Ranbir Kapoor.. within 5 years.. Hollywood Bollywood all will be ruled by Telugu people.. you will also shift to Hyderabad after 1 year.. Mumbai has become old, Bengaluru is traffic jam.. only Hyderabad city in India rules. Rajamouli, Dil Raju smart Sandeep has become..Hyderabad top most hai.. Telugu people smart smart.. our heroine Rashmika so smart..Pushpa created sensation..Ashwamedha yaagam conducted here.. Malla Reddy university..your film Animal will do 500 crores.”

Malla Reddy spoke as if Tollywood is thriving without flops and Hyderabad has no issues. Tollywood sees the most number of flops, and one heavy rain exposes Hyderabad’s vulnerabilities. But, these leaders, rather than ensuring their guests’ comfort, tend to go overboard in their typical political loud speeches to grab headlines.

A section of Bollywood fans who have been so receptive to films from the Telugu industry are appalled by Malla Reddy’s statements. One disappointed fan wrote, “Hindi audience loves Telugu actors and their movies without any discrimination. But here, the Telugu leader mocked the Bollywood and Hindi audience.”

Malla Reddy might not had any ill intentions but such statements only create bad blood especially when huge attempts are being made to create genuine pan-India films.

This turned out to be really embarrassing for Ranbir and filmmakers should think twice before inviting these politicians to film-related events.