Nagarjuna Akkineni

Suddenly, an image with Nagarjuna along with a message began spreading by YSCP social media supporters.

The message read: “There was pressure on me to support TDP, but sitting in Hyderabad, it’s not appropriate to discuss AP politics. Jagan’s government is doing well, which is why no one from the industry is speaking out.”

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This image quickly spread, and Nag’s office realized that it was causing damage as some people might believe it.

Nag instructed his team to issue an official clarification to the media with the following message:

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“Nagarjuna has never spoken in favor of or against any political party. Any news suggesting otherwise is purely malicious and misleading.”

However, by then it was too late; the fake, photoshopped endorsement of Jagan had already gone viral. Although Nag is not someone who can influence votes in AP, it is a fact that he responded too late.

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