Nara Chandrababu Naidu has created History in Andhra Pradesh. When he takes oath later this week, he will be the only person to have worked as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the fourth time.

Telugu Desam Party and its allies put up a sensational show. Together they won a whopping 165/175 MLA seats and 21/25 MP seats in Andhra Pradesh and this feat is nothing sort of a Political Tsunami.

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The outgoing party is reduced from 151 seats to just 10 in the Assembly and also fails to get the Opposition Status.

The icing on the cake for Naidu is that BJP failed to get majority on its own at the Center and is now dependent on JDU and TDP. That will give him leverage to bring pending demands to the debt-ridden state.

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Chandrababu’s rise to Power this term is nothing short of a fairy tale.

In 2019, TDP was reduced to a paltry 23 seats in the state assembly and the YSR Congress tried to finish off Naidu’s Political Career.

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All sorts of things happened in Andhra Pradesh in the last five years. We used to see CID arresting TDP leaders and Bulldozers destroying the properties of the leaders at the midnight of Fridays so that the courts do not interfere.

We have seen around a dozen TDP leaders go to jail during 2019 and 2024.

The Ruling Party MLAs abused Naidu’s wife right in the Assembly shocking the state and Jagan Mohan Reddy was seen shamelessly defending them.

TDP Headquarters in Mangalagiri was attacked in broad daylight and it was spearheaded by YSR Congress MLA. And so far, nothing happened in that case.

Naidu, one of the senior-most politicians in the country was arrested at the wee hours and was jailed for more than fifty days in a flimsy case.

Nara Lokesh was also named in a few cases without any ground.

Everyone wrote off Naidu and did not give a chance against Jagan’s tyrannical rule.

But Naidu pulled off a blinder like every time he does!

He persisted with the people. We have seen him and his son toil on the ground in various names.

He stitched alliances like no other politician in the country. The social engineer attempt to bring Kammas and Kapus together worked and alliance with BJP despite many sacrifices helped counter the advantage YSR Congress gets due to the virtue of being in power.

With his political acumen, he designed a manifesto that could overshadow Jagan’s and pulled out a last-minute surprise like Land Titling Act suffocating Jagan from all corners. Naidu ensured there are no chinks in the armour and today, he emerged as victorious.

From being on the verge of Political Oblivion to steering to a victory of 165 seats, Naidu once again proved he is the Master of the Game.

It will be Good days to Andhra Pradesh given that Narendra Modi Government can not dodge Naidu due to its fractured mandate.