No Cabinet Berth, Lokesh As TDP President

TDP Senior Leader Budda Venkanna demanded to appoint Nara Lokesh the party’s state president after it assumes power on June 4.

Speaking to the media in Vijayawada today, Venkanna praised the current state TDP president, Atchannaidu, for his loyal service and effective leadership over the past five years.

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He urged the party’s chief, Chandrababu Naidu, to give Atchannaidu a key cabinet minister position and make Lokesh the state president of TDP.

Venkanna affirmed that Lokesh is a capable leader who has the strength to rejuvenate TDP. He requested Babu and Lokesh to take charge as the Chief Minister and TDP state president on the same day respectively.

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He pointed out Lokesh’s dedication to the party by doing a padayatra for more than 3132 kilometres for the party. He also reminded how Lokesh successfully managed everything within the party when Chandrababu was jailed.

Reacting to the EVM smashing incident involving Macharla YCP MLA Pinnelli Rama Krishna Reddy, Venkanna revealed that he was Pinnelli’s first victim of rowdyism. He claimed that Pinnelli held an auction for the Municipal Chairman post, offering it to whoever would attack him and Bonda Uma.

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Venkanna explained that although another individual was initially selected for the Municipal Chairman position, it was ultimately Turka Kishore who secured it through the auction by agreeing to attack him and Bonda Uma. Venkanna opined that a corrupt and crooked leader like Pinnelli deserves to be shot.

He also mentioned that Pinnelli’s name is in Lokesh’s “red book,” and emphasized this as another reason why Lokesh should be made TDP chief.

Venkanna assured that members from all communities within the party would support this decision. He opined that even though Chandrababu wants to make Lokesh president, he will look into various factors before making a decision. Thus, he said that all party members would collectively demand Babu to make Lokesh the party president.