Tangella Uday Srinivas Pawan Kalyan

Tangella Uday Srinivas is the owner of Tea Time, the successful Tea shop chain in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He joined Janasena last year. Pawan Kalyan’s campaign vehicle, Vaarahi is owned by Uday Srinivas. The vehicle is registered in his name even today and was given to Pawan Kalyan.

Uday is expecting Pitapuram Janasena ticket but it looks like he is unlikely to get a ticket this time.

Pawan Kalyan even announced the ticket for Uday but it looks like everything got changed after the alliance with TDP.

It appears like TDP’s Former MLA SVS Varma is getting the ticket once again.

The other day at the TDP and Janasena coordination meeting in Pitapuram, Uday intentionally tried to create a disturbance.

When Varma said he developed the constituency with 2800 Crore, Uday objected and questioned why he lost despite doing development. He demanded that the Pitapuram ticket be given to Janasena.

This led to ugly scenes at the meeting and Varma commented about Pawan Kalyan losing from two seats.

It looks like Uday is informed that Pitapuram is going to TDP and he is obviously frustrated. But then, that is a matter that should be sorted with Pawan Kalyan.

If he brings that frustration to the media, that will not help Janasena too. Probably, Pawan Kalyan should look into it.