Lakshmi Parvathi and Junior NTR are two favorite issues of the YSR Congress. Late YSR fought NT Ramarao all his life but we can see YSR Congress trying to shed crocodile tears about him trying to shoot Chandrababu from the shoulders of Lakshmi Parvathi.

For the sole purpose, Lakshmi Parvathi was made the Party’s General Secretary and was also given the Telugu Academy Chairperson post.

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And then, there is Junior NTR who is keeping himself away from politics but YSR Congress and Sakshi drag him whenever they want.

They create unnecessary nuisance about NTR flags at TDP events. There is Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi who take his name whenever they want. And even on the polling day, we have seen Sakshi trying to take mileage out of NTR’s Blue Shirt.

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Both sides have moved on from the topic. NTR barely takes about politics and Chandrababu/Lokesh do not talk about the actor.

Its been three elections since NTR campaigned for TDP.

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TDP moved away from NTR since Junior was busy trying to create a name for himself in Global Cinema.

How many so-called Only NTR fans voted to TDP or YSR Congress? is also a small issue. In the broader picture of politics, calculations based on film fanism is irrelevant given the fact even superstars lost elections.

After the elections, TDP leader Buddha Venkanna made some nonsensical comments on NTR, and Sakshi and its affiliated Blue Media are trying to create a mountain out of the mole.

There were several stories being cooked up as if YSR Congress would merge into TDP if Junior NTR led it.

Like everything in the world, every issue in politics has an expiry date. The ‘NTR – TDP’ issue reached its expiry. In fact, the issue proved to be very durable as it lasted longer than it should be.

The issue will not trouble TDP whether it wins or loses in 2024.

Lokesh will lead TDP in the future whether Blue Media likes it or not. Irrespective of results, he would get acceptance by the time NTR thinks of Politics.

NTR on the other hand, will be occupied with films at least for two decades.

By that time, the ship will already leave the shore.

So, the issue of NTR-TDP is a finished case.