YS-Jagan-Polavaram-Project-Polavaram Project which is regarded as the lifeline of Andhra Pradesh is reeking neglect after the government changed. The project works are happening at a snail’s pace with completion, not in the sight.

According to the figures revealed by the Central Government, the YSR Congress government had only spent ₹2642 Crore in the three years of its rule.

The previous Chandrababu Naidu government spent ₹10,585 Crore in its five years term.

For comparison, the Chandrababu government spent ₹3,953 Crore in the first three years.

The model of Polavaram project spending is that the state government has to spend money first and later get that reimbursed by the Center.

Despite all financial troubles, Chandrababu used to spend abundantly on the project. But it is not at all a priority for the Jagan Reddy government.

The money allocated in the budget is also being diverted to the freebies leaving the project works to the mercy of God.

Navayuga which is doing work at a fast pace was sent out in the name of reverse tendering. Jagan brought in Megha and that costed big and delayed the project.

The project’s works are not even 10% completed in Jagan’s tenure.

At this pace, the Government may not be complete even in the next ten years.