Only Jr NTR Fans Lokesh TDP fightsTwitter is a platform of interesting coversations and one such conversation (Spaces session) has happened about NTR and TDP. Precisely, the conversation is about how TDP does not recognize NTR as much as it should. There are many voices supporting NTR but a few in favor of TDP or maybe NTR+TDP.

A bird view about the conversation is that almost 99% of the participants regardless of the side they are on, wants to support TDP. The tragedy is that there is some issue between both the sides which is clearly obvious but still they have to sail together for many reasons.

But then, the group that keeps NTR above everything are the young. They want NTR to lead TDP sometime later and can not stand Lokesh being projected as TDP’s future. The problem is they want the respect right from today even though NTR is not coming into politics any sooner.

But they do have a valid point in their complaints about TDP. While TDP cadre very easily expect NTR’s support for the party on all occasions, the party is not supporting the actor as much as it should. One such example is party leaders like Varla Ramaiah and others losing their cool on NTR in CBN’s wife issue.

TDP did not respond to the objectionable comments about NTR and these Only NTR fans claim why they should not be upset with the party in that issue. Moreover, Varla Ramaiah is TDP’s Politburo member.

Keeping aside what is right and what is wrong, TDP leadership should address these little issues as every section is important if the party should come to the power in 2024. Moreover, NTR is family and without a doubt, they should sail together sooner or later.