Certain individuals are masquerading as Intellectuals in Telugu Media Space. The emergence of YouTube as a medium for continuous propaganda, a revenue-generating platform, and a potential way to earn political income during election time has created more such intellectuals.

They initially behave neutral and win the support of the people. Once they increase the subscriber base, they subscribe to some party and earn big money.

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Former MLC K Nageshwar Rao is a popular face on the Youtube Space.

Nageshwar Rao initially behaved neutral and expanded his subscriber base. But his analysis in recent years reeks partiality towards YSR Congress, people opine.

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The best example is his recent stance on the Land Titling Act and especially on having Jagan’s pictures on Pattadar Pass Books.

Nageshwar comes with a brilliant explanation to defend Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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“We have the signature of Municipal authorities on Birth and Death Certificates, Do we argue who is they to sign when someone is born or dead? We have the SSC Board signature on our tenth certificate. Do we say I have studied who are you to sign? It is the state government that is giving the Passbook, why not Jagan’s photo on it?” Nageshwar cleverly said.

The same Nageshwar objected to Narendra Modi’s photograph on COVID Vaccination Certificates.

Yes, we do have signs of authorities on certificates but we do not have the pictures of the signing authorities on them.

Previously, Passbooks used to have the Andhra Pradesh Government Emblem. Only Nageshwar should explain what is the issue with it.

The Government is permanent but Chief Ministers are temporary. It is absurd to have the pictures of the Chief Minister on Passbooks which are important documents. If the next Chief Minister would want the pictures to be changed, just imagine the kind of waste in the resources!

What next? Do we have to have the pictures of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister in all the sale deed documents of our properties? And should we change them every time a government changes? Is a self-proclaimed Medhavi like Nageshwar endorsing this?

Is Nageshwar giving a new idea to Jagan to have pictures on Birth Certificates and Death Certificates as well?

If these intellectuals are left untreated, they will even recommend tattooing Jagan’s picture on the faces of beneficiaries of Button Nokkudu.

Medhavulu should draw a line in their political favoritism or they will end up as Methavulu in the eyes of the public.

– Bhimireddy Sarath Chandra