Pawan-Kalyan-Ignores-BJPJana Sena is the sole political party officially included in the NDA from the South. Pawan Kalyan was invited to an NDA meeting two months ago. The NDA is headed by the BJP. Pawan Kalyan is currently in the midst of his fourth phase of the Vaaraahi Yatra in the Krishna district.

If you observe his recent speeches, Pawan has refrained from mentioning the BJP and has instead emphasized the primary goal of JanaSena and TDP competing together and winning in the next election.

This development emerged after the arrest of TDP President Chandrababu. Prior to his arrest, Pawan Kalyan had reiterated that TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP would contest together in the upcoming elections. Even before announcing his alliance with the TDP in front of the Rajahmundry Central Jail, Pawan Kalyan had mentioned that he had invited the BJP to join the alliance.

When the BJP high command remained silent regarding CBN’s arrest, and people strongly believed that the BJP was involved in CBN’s arrest, Pawan Kalyan appeared to change his stance. Over the past two days of his Vaaraahi Yatra, he has repeatedly stated that Jana Sena and TDP will contest together in the 2024 elections.

On the other hand, Jana Sena has announced its intention to contest in 32 Assembly segments in the Telangana elections. Although Jana Sena is in the NDA alliance, it is surprising that Pawan announced his intention to contest in the Telangana elections without the BJP.