Pawan Kalyan Language YS JaganPawan Kalyan addressed a meeting of Janasena PAC members, incharges, main leaders, and others in Mangalagiri on Saturday. This is the first party meeting after Pawan Kalyan’s official announcement about the alliance with TDP.

He spoke at length about how he was going to handle the alliance, how he planned to dethrone Jagan, and why he decided to ally with the Telugu Desam Party, etc.

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He narrated an incident where he called Jagan on the phone. “I addressed him, Sir. He called me as Pawan. Maybe he thinks I am a small man because he won 151 seats. Thats okay,” a visibly hurt Pawan Kalyan said.

On another occasion, Pawan Kalyan got carried away and said, “Palacelalo unnavallanu Kindhaku lagadam entha sepu? Nuvvemanna digocha anukuntunnava? Nuvventha Nee Brathukentha, Nee Sthayi entha?”.

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Pawan Kalyan should be very careful in public. Using such language can give a very wrong impression about himself and Janasena party. it is also not good for his alliance partner, TDP and their prospects.

People will have a very bad impression of leaders using such language. Pawan Kalyan should control even though he is angry and upset with Jagan.

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