42 YCP MLA'sThe disparities in salaries among those working for the YSRCP on social media have caused frustration and commotion within the party’s social media circles. It appears that there are significant differences in the salaries being offered to individuals who post and comment on behalf of the YSRCP on social media.

Some are reportedly receiving salaries as high as one lakh, while others are getting considerably lower amounts, such as twenty-three thousand.

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This wage disparity has led to discontent and anger among those working for the party on social media. Many feel that they are being undervalued and are questioning why there are such significant differences in pay among individuals with similar roles.

Additionally, it seems that some families have multiple members employed in these roles, which further adds to the tension and dissatisfaction among party workers.

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This situation has resulted in infighting and criticism among YSRCP social media workers, and it appears to be affecting the overall functioning of the party’s social media efforts.

The revelation of salary differences and internal conflicts within the social media team may pose challenges for the party’s online presence and public image. It is known some of the YSRCP Social Media payment workers are in the case where the criticized High Court judges in Amaravathi case.

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