Pothina Mahesh

As the election season is fast approaching, it is normal to see politicians switching parties at will. But there’s a fine line where a politician has to keep himself aware of where he started and who gave the platform that he has today.

In this context, the case of Pothina Mahesh has been a disaster to say the least For JanaSena.

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In his latest media meeting, Pothina made severe allegations against Pawan Kalyan and called him a package star who works for Chandrababu Naidu. He said Hari Hara Veera Mallu is being made to convert Pawan’s black money into white.

He made the serious allegation that Pawan Kalyan has turned all of JSP supporters into servants of Telugu Desam Party.

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For starters, the very platform that was laid for Pothina Mahesh in Vijayawada is given by Pawan Kalyan. JSP leaders praised Pothina to the sky by tearing him like their own.

After all the adoration and stage-setting by JSP, Pothina has quit the party before the election for not getting a ticket and striking down the very branch that he was given.

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