The pattern of betting on election results in the Darshi and Chirala constituencies of the joint Prakasam district is intriguing. Initially, it seemed that YSRCP had a higher chance of victory in both places.


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The YSRCP announced its candidate for Darshi in advance, selecting Sivaprasad Reddy, who is well-associated with the constituency. He began his campaign early on the instructions of his superiors. At that time, TDP did not even have an in-charge for the constituency and had officially allocated the position to the Janasena.

As a result, there was a belief that YSRCP had a good chance of success based on local conditions. However, unexpected developments changed the scenario. TDP entered the fray and fielded a female candidate, Dr. Lakshmi, whose eloquence and initiative became a plus point.

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The TDP and Janasena parties worked together, increasing the competition. Consequently, the YSRCP responded with increased packages and temptations, but the TDP candidate remained resilient.

While the main social groups supported the alliance, there was a split within the social group backing YSRCP. On polling day, TDP alliance forces were strong and visible. Remarkably, the competition here is fierce, not only at the district level but also at the state level.

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Initially, those betting in favor of YSRCP’s victory placed a bet of one and a half rupees for a rupee. Now, the betting is even, at one rupee for a rupee. The initial bet that YSRCP would get a lead of ten thousand is no longer visible. There is now significant competition for the TDP side to win, with bets also running on mandal-wise supremacy.


Betting has increased post-polling regarding the race for the Chirala assembly seat. Before the start of the election campaign, it was predicted that YSRCP would achieve a favorable result. Senior leader and MLA Balaram Venkatesh being the candidate, along with the presence of BC and weaker section voters in the constituency, contributed to this prediction.

However, interest in the result surged when former MLA Amanchi Krishnamohan entered the field on the Congress side. Currently, there is heavy betting on who will win between the YSRCP and TDP alliances. Amanchi, contesting on behalf of the Congress, is expected to split the YSRCP votes.

Additionally, the TDP alliance candidate belongs to the BC category, and the lack of poll management by YSRCP has been a factor. Considering the overall situation, bettors have adjusted their wagers, feeling that TDP’s chances of victory have improved while YSRCP has weakened.

Regardless of the final results in these two constituencies, there is strong competition from the TDP alliance against YSRCP. This has increased the betting activity, indicating that the chances of victory are not one-sided.