Revanth Reddy

The leaders of the main parties of Telangana are attending Special Programs for News Channels in a bid to reach out to more people in the Election Season.

However, the Top Two Channels were known for their biased reporting in favour of the ruling parties of both the Telugu States. TV9, in particular, has become a mouthpiece of those in power.

Knowing that very well, Revanth Reddy opted to attend a program with Rajinikanth on TV9 and paid price. Rajinikanth was focused solely on insulting Revanth Reddy and belittling the agenda of Congress Party.

We can see him reading out the defaming names of Revanth Reddy used by BRS supporters on social media. All these names are used by trolls and are not covered by mainstream media. Rajinikanth read out the list to embarrass the PCC President.

“KTR also have many such names by Trolls. Did Rajinikanth read them out in his interview with KTR. Obviously No and we know why!,” they say.

He also tried to belittle Congress‘s slogan of Indiramma Rajyam and is also seen debunking the major promises of Congress in the language used by the BRS leaders and tried to showcase to the people that they are not easy to implement.

Rajinikanth also tried to showcase Revanth Reddy as a TDP leader trying to distance him from the core Telangana voters – a card that KCR could not use since Chandrababu Naidu was not in the Political scene in the Election Season.

In a complete contrast, Rajinikanth was promoting KTR and BRS‘s Poll Agenda in that program making the intentions crystal clear.

This program more than anything about Rajinikanth speaks volumes about how Revanth Reddy could have avoided TV9 fully knowing it’s agenda.

A leader like Revanth Reddy who has big ambitions should shy away from the weaknesses like giving interviews to hostile media just because it is popular. Only then, things will fall in line.