TPCC president Revanth Reddy reaped the benefit of leading Congress to a big win in the recent election as he has taken charge as the new chief minister of Telangana.

The first step of Revanth Reddy after becoming the CM is a very thoughtful one as the first thing he did after taking the oath is assigning a job for a handicapped woman.

The said handicapped woman is named Rajini and she met Revanth a couple of months ago while he was on the campaign and said she isn’t getting a job due to her physical condition. Revanth then promised to give her a job immediately after taking charge as the CM. He was then on an intense campaign but he didn’t forget the promise.

Revanth has allocated a government job to the physically challenged lady and signed the document after taking charge.

Apart from that, Revanth ordered the removal of the barricades and protection gear outside the Pragathi Bhavan and renamed it Praja Bhavan. Revanth also vowed to implement the six promises made by Congress within the next six months.