YSR Congress veteran Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has been making media appearances frequently of late. In his latest interaction, he appeared to indirectly acknowledge TDP’s win in Macherla.

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About the Pinnelli issue and the subsequent call for revoting by YCP, Sajjala made a set of interesting comments.

“Why isn’t TDP calling for re-polling in the segment? Isnt’t it because they are in a comfortable position? Else, why would they remain silent?” Sajjala stated as he questioned why TDP isn’t calling for re-polling in Macherla.

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Essnetially speaking, the party that is confident of winning the assembly seat wouldn’t push for re-polling. This is exactly what Sajjala hinted as he spoke about TDP.

Adding further, Sajjal mentioned that Chandrababu is such a good tactician that even Narendra Modi is nothing in front of him. He said Chandrababu can make even Modi dance to his tune.

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While Sajjala’s intention was to say Chandrababu managed the poll campaign in the Kutami’s favor through BJP, he ended up giving a few elevations to TDP and its main man Chandrababu Naidu.