The Telangana political space took a new twist after CM Revanth Reddy commissioned MM Keeravani for the job of composing the Telangana anthem. This was opposed by BRS’s RS Praveen Kumar who said Keeravani is from AP and he must not compose Telangana’s anthem.

Amused by this, the Congress Party didn’t hold back with their response as Congress MLA Nagaraju has given a strong verbal counter to Praveen Kumar.

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“What this Praveen Kumar said is preposterous. Dividing people on state basis in never good. If he wants to go that way, then he must answer why BRS government appointed Pullela Gopichand as Telangana’s sports representative. Why Samantha was made handloom brand ambassador? These people also weren’t from Telangana but BRS gave them key positions.” MLA Nagaraju questioned.

The MLA reminded that Keeravani is an acclaimed composer who won the mighty Oscars and it is only fitting that he was commissioned for the job.

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As it turns out, Keeravani and Samantha have become the latest pawns in the Telangana political space with the Congress and BRS using them to drive their narratives.